Gestion et entretien de propriétés dans le golfe de Saint-Tropez - Var
OLIVIER SERVICES à Sainte-Maxime Gestion de propriétés Sainte-Maxime Intendance de villas secondaires dans le golfe de St-Tropez Entretien de villas aux Issambres dans le Var Intendance de propriétés à Ste-Maxime - Var Olivier Services propose des services de gestion et d’entretien de propriétés dans le Golfe de Saint-Tropez. Intendance de villas secondaires aux Issambres et à Sainte-Maxime dans le département du Var (83) : Garde des clés, inspections régulières, entretien de piscines, entretien des espaces verts, travaux de maçonnerie, travaux de rénovation, préparation de la maison avant votre arrivée, mise en marche et mise en sommeil des installations, gestion administrative.


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CARTE DU VAR : Olivier Services à Sainte-Maxime : Gestion et entretien de propriétés dans le golfe de St-Tropez - Intendance de villas secondaires aux Issambres
OLIVIER SERVICES à Sainte-Maxime dans le Var





OLIVIER SERVICES offers services
to answer to your punctual or long term needs for your property!


Clean-up of the house on arrival and on departure of the tenants.

Welcome, visits, deposit management with tenants.

Arrival and departure inspections with the tenants…


Set-up of your home before your arrival with a full cleaning of your property:
We make sure to prepare all the facilities, do the groceries for you, prepare the dining tables inside the house and also outside in the garden, clean the pool and terrace…

We put the power on for the heating, air-conditioning, pool, fridge… before your arrival.

After your departure, we clean all the facilities (inside and outside).

With your agreement, we keep your property’s keys including the remote control for the alarms and front gate.

While away, we regularly check your property to make sure that everything is under control (equipments, electric devices…). We keep you informed by email of each needed intervention and we trust that have deterrent force against thief or intrusion in your property.

In case of significant bad weather conditions and damages, we immediately contact you and do the necessary fixing ourselves or with the help of external suppliers. Photos and detailed report will be done for your insurance company.

We perform with confidence, quality and rigor in order to fully enjoy your stay in your residence and to be secure while you are away.


Pool’s maintenance:
We regularly maintain the level and quality of the water by checking the good running of the pump, filter and heating and by regularly cleaning the pool. We could also put the system off at the end of the season and manage the pool product’ stock. Your swimming pool will be ready to swim upon your arrival to your property.

Landscape gardener:
We take care of your garden while you are away to give you the opportunity to enjoy it while you are here. Gardening, watering, grass-cutting, pruning, cleaning of brushwood (mandatory in the south of France), cleanings of the paths, planting, treatments…

Minor renovation work:
We will be in charge of minor renovation if needed such as paintwork, paving, fences, low walls, terrace, rock-work…

Management of major work renovation:

In case of important missions of renovation and bricklaying or others works, we will provide with a list of suppliers and we follow the work (call of tenders, advice, work coordination, follow-up...).

We will daily follow the work of the suppliers and will keep you informed of the progress.

Now, do not hesitate to call us for any further information
you might need on +33 (0)6 75 75 86 17



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